Partying hard is hard hard hard

January 31, 2008

The show went really well last night, thank you gents and ladies who saw the show!  And extra mad extreme props to everyone who logged in and saw the live stream!  A surreal moment occurred last night while Chris and I were duck-taping the camera and USB mic onto the sound booth and people online were all like, "Haha, I hear duck tape":  at that point, I realized how cool and a little unnerving the whole webcasting thingy was.  I mean usually when I'm in a small corner in a very, very dark club, I don't expect people from Texas, Arizona, California, and Canada to be watching, but I guess that's a threshold that's similar to what many TV personalities have had to cross.  I must admit that I wasn't comfortable at first, but once I got into the mindset I was alright.

Some observations:

  • Having a light show triggered by foot pedals while singing and playing guitar is HARD HARD HARD!  It definitely affected my guitar play and has dramatically increased my setup time.  Next time, I SHALL STREAMLINE THIS SUCKA!
  • Despite my best attempts, I am rusty and a bit out-of-shape!  Not playing a show in ~3.5 years has taken its toll.  I have a feeling that, next time, I'll be OK!
  • I...I forgot to press RECORD during our performance.  Sorry, people who missed the show!  Next time, I will put that in my TODO list!
  • Apparently, we could have made the video much brighter on the webcast.  Next time, we'll know what config settings to mess around with!
  • The effect that I wanted for the light show could have been much cooler if there were no lights.  Again, NEXT TIME!

Padded Cell reminded me of my days in Gainesville back in 2003.  Good times!  See you all NEXT TIME!

-George Ryan