House Party I

December 7, 2002

Alrighty kiddies!  Murphee K knows that Fall Finals are coming up, and we aim to ease and alleviate your troubles.  We know that you wanna take a break from studies, so why don'cha check us out tonight @ a House Party?  We promise ruckus, shenanigans and tomfoolery a plenty!  Wait, no, check that, no tomfoolery -- that guy's a jerk!  Here are info/directions from our buddy, Trevor:

NE quadrant
9th St and 3rd Ave
big 2 story house
*refreshments provided

Here's the map to the place.  As always, char *refreshments = "FREE BEER!";

And this coming Friday the 13th, we promise even more shenanigans for House Party II, and maybe we'll even let tomfoolery out to play!  Details to come.

-George Ryan