The Missing album release!

November 8, 2013

I finally released The Missing, and you can totally download and/or buy it from me here:

Aaaand here's the copy that I wrote for it:

Murphee K are long lost friends who play intense, melodic, and sincere pop punk.

Inspired by early 90's bay area punk music, "The Missing" delivers catchy hooks, vocal/instrumental harmonies, and honest stories that evoke longing and cherished memories best exemplified by "May" and "The Trinidad and Tobago Song."

Produced and recorded by Rob McGregor on November 2004 at Goldentone Studio in Gainesville, Florida, this album features George Ryan Perez on vocals/guitar, Peter Wadsworth on bass/vocals, Craig Ian H. on lead guitar/vocals, and Matt Pathak on drums, with guest vocals by Nancy Mae Perez on "May" and Matt Parker on "A Stubborn Star Story."

Life then took a hold on all four members, and the album was left in the shelves.  Eight years and a successful Indiegogo campaign thereafter, this album was finally released with the proper packaging.  And after eight years, its title has never been more fitting.

released 21 December 2012
© 2012 Murphee K

Proceeds from the first 300 copies of this CD will be given to the Home Van.

George Ryan Perez:  vocals, guitar
Peter Wadsworth:  bass, vocals
Craig Ian H.:  lead guitar, vocals
Matt Pathak:  drums

Produced and recorded by Rob McGregor on November 2004 at Goldentone Studio in Gainesville, Florida.

All lyrics written by George Ryan Perez except for "Lit" (written by Don Salvatore).

Additional vocals on "May" by Nancy Mae Perez.
Additional vocals on "A Stubborn Star Story" by Matt Parker.

Photography:  Ami Patel
Model:  Wenli Hu
Band Photography:  Ted Hayes
Illustration:  Bryan Koszoru
Design/Layout:  Nancy Mae Perez

Special thanks to the 2012 Indiegogo sponsors:  Art and Gloria Perez, Melchor Perez, Shuhei, Mr./Mrs. Jason Martin, Glenn Turner, Maru Aiko, Alex Chubin, Dr. Ishimaru, Glenda Alicia Leung, Anna Liza Panton, Natividad Perez, Nicholas Hughes, Heshan Illangkoon, Tatiana Klimenko, Bryan Koszoru, Chloe Kwan, Eric Piard, rockho, Kris Simon, and (3) Anonymous.

-George Ryan