Murphee K fundraiser for 2 CD release

October 5, 2012


New bonus incentives listed at the Indiegogo campaign page as the deadline gets near (5 hours left as of this writing!).  If we somehow reach the $1234 goal, two things will happen:

  1. I will draw one MPK Adventures webcomic and publish it before 2013
  2. The one person who breaks the $1234 goal will receive an awesome drawing from Bryan

Please visit the campaign page to see the first look at the album covers designed by Bryan! Yeah!!!


Hi, I'm George Ryan Perez, singer/songwriter for the Gainesville, FL indie-punk band Murphee K, and I am happy to announce that I'm releasing not just one but 2 music CDs!

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Niiiiiice!  Could you plz tell me about the 1st CD you're releasing?

The first CD I am releasing is the one I made with Craig, Peter, and Matt, and it's called The Missing.  It has 7 songs and it was recorded in 2004 (then mixed in Aug 2005) from Goldentone Studios.  If you like catchy punk tunes that make you want to dance and hug your friends, then this CD is for you!  And OK there may be some parts in there that could induce crying spells, so anyway FAIR WARNING.

[I want to take a second here to address Craig, Peter, and Matt.  Guys if you are reading this, thank you.  I wanted to dedicate this to you all because of the work you've put into this, and I wanted to finally give it a proper release.]

Cool story, bro, but what about the 2nd CD?

The second CD I am releasing is the one I made with Chris and Shuhei this summer 2012, and it's called Endgame.  This CD contains 3 songs, each of which tries to improve upon every song from The Missing on every aspect imaginable.  (The key word here is "try".)  A couple of songs are also garnished with samples from video game music, which -- as some of you know -- I am quite fanatic about.

[Chris and Shuhei -- thank you for investing your time and effort into this, you both are top notch.]

Like, whoa, I'd like to be a part of this.  How can I help?

So, ho-kay, let's talk about you.  You, dear reader, could be part of my journey of releasing both CDs simply by contributing to this fundraiser.  (Check out the perks on the side to see what cool things you'd get as a contributer.)  In return, I will judiciously use the funds to do five things:

  1. Pay the costs of the cover art designs
  2. Order a press run of both CDs
  3. Sell the CDs to awesome people like you directly (via the band website) or indirectly through iTunes or other online services
  4. Use whatever is left to make T-shirts, stickers, or other merchandise
  5. [BONUS] Donate 100% of the proceeds made from the first CD's first press run to a local Gainesville, FL organization

Oooh, what's this donation thingy you're doing?

I just told you!  OK, OK, one more time:  all the proceeds from The Missing's first pressing will be donated to one local Gainesville, FL organization.  This means that once I start selling The Missing (the first CD), 100% of the proceeds that I make from its sales during the first run will go to charity.

As of this writing, I am still working on which organization that is, and I'm leaning towards either the Civic Media Center or the H.O.M.E. Van since I've had dealings with them in the past, but if you have any other suggestions, feel free to contact me.  And if you would like some more clarification regarding this donation, please contact me as well.  (Email is the best way to contact me.)

Well sir, this sounds pretty cool!

Why thank you, random gal or guy, and thank you for visiting my campaign and reading this!  And please forward this to anyone who would want to be part of this too!  (The links for forwarding are located right below the video.)

-George Ryan