January 9, 2003

How are you gentlemen?

Several sections have been updated since the winter break.  Notable additions include the Murphee K Forum (now defunct), chat client (also now defunct) and our newsletter (still intact).  Be sure to sign up to receive our newsletter for all the latest happenings.  You'll get free stuff if you do (as soon as we have free stuff to give).

As for last Monday's Krieger's show, we tried to ensure that those crazy kids from Cincinnati had a good time.  And I think they did. Thank you Dan for setting up us the equipment.  We had no chance to survive make your time. HA HA HA HA....


We are currently slated to perform a short set this Saturday at Alligator Rocks.  Come early since our set begins at 9:40pm.

We are in the process of recording two tracks for a benefit compilation CD (sponsored by Signal Path Records) for the Homeless Outreach Mobile Effort (H.O.M.E.) Van Effort and the Alachua County Coalition for the Homeless and Hungry.  Look for that in the future.  Lastly, thank you Gary for attending the show.  As promised, here is Cartoon Graveyard's site [Update:  site was removed].  They've changed their name, apparently.  At least they told me so.  [Update:  Well, from the looks of it, they decided to remain 'Funeral of an Astronaut'.  Both are good band names.  I dunno.  I'm done playing Dr. Watson.])

-George Ryan