Tougher than Elton John?

January 24, 2003

Today's title is a reference to a reference made by Tuesday night's last-minute addition, The Monistats.  Danny (their bassist) mentioned my sister's other band, The Come Ons, during their set at Eddie C's.  Matt and I were fascinated by their on-stage antics and decided to tell them that they are playing at our next house party.  And we weren't asking.  Those guys put on a great show as did Crash Pad with their energetic set.  At that point, we were still exhausted from our late-night recording at Red Beard Studios for the compilation, but that didn't stop us from having a really good time during our set amidst wild streaks of discomposure.  Thank you, Moe, for letting us play.

This Saturday's performance will be a surprise to all who have seen us before as this is the first time we are doing this "type" of set.  It could be good, it could be bad, but it will definitely be different.

-George Ryan