Talk Like a Pirate Day - Arrr!

September 19, 2003

Ahoy mateys!  There be booties-a-plenty to talk about and pillage and I be scuttlin' me brain for a way to start.  Here goes:

On Tuesday, Sept 23rd, thar will be a show o' shanties @ Eddie C's (say that three times smartly).  Rubber Room (known by his buckos in the high seas as Moe) will release his 19-song EP.  Then the Ask Me Later beauties will mesmerize ye with the glint in their deadlights.  We'd be three sheets in the wind at the end o' the night so come out and splice the mainbrace!  We will weigh the anchor @ 9pm so make aye you arrrrive arrrrly.

Drummin' for us that evenin' will be our former drummer, Trevor.  He has spent two semesters in Europe and for the night he'll be joinin' me hearties!

Yo ho ho, it's finally here!  The landlubbers at Signal Path Records will be releasin' the H.O.M.E. Van Compilation on Oct 23rd @ Common Grounds.  Shiver me timbers!  You can collect the booty for mere pieces o' eight...doubloons ($8).  (Har har har!)  It's 2 CDs with 42 Gainesville bands.  All doubloons go to the Homeless Outreach Mobile Effort (HOME) Van.  Oct 23rd will be your first chance to get the CD.  You can also pre-order it directly from them.

-George Ryan