It's dot com

December 29, 2003

If you are reading this, then murphee k dot com is back from the dead thanks to these guys.  As promised, a streaming version of "Red Rose" is now made available.

Sorry for the non-instant update; after the show with Bayside and Rehasher, I've contracted a mild cold and it got a lot worse after the flight back -- luckily, there's some cool people here in Houston who went out of the way to drop off some Advil.  That was a fun show, btw, I wish I could say more, but that was half a month ago and it feels a bit nostalgic talking about it now.  But here goes anyway:  we did our best with the Japanese song, which we practiced for the first time that weekend.  We've yet to record due to scheduling conflicts, but don't worry, we will record eventually.  Most of the night was a very honorable experience -- it's hard to believe that we've shared the stage with such established bands.  I'm inspired.

I hope that everyone had as nice a holiday break as I did.  Unfortunately for me, it's back to work, and it's not even 2004 yet.  Quite lame.  At any rate, we have a show planned with Second Saturday, Karmellas Game, and Team Mascot @ Eddie C's on January 19.  As always, we try something new for every show (the Japanese song was new for the previous one) -- so who knows what we're gonna do with this one.

-George Ryan