Coming Going Leaving

January 23, 2004

Hello all, I'm back in TX.  Thank you for coming out to Eddie C's for an incredible night of music -- it's like the energy never let up!  Yay to Team Mascot for an awesome first show.  Great jorb!  Thanks also to SNMNMNM for steppin' up and rockin' out when Second Saturday's van broke down.  And of course, you all know, Karmella's got Game.  I got them to sign my copy of their EP.  That's right, I'm a fanboy, shush!

All in all this past weekend was a good trip -- got my El Indio and Bento fix (twice each!), had fun with Ted and his expensive camera, messed around with the Japanese song (a lot), scanned some new sticker/T-shirt designs, changed some lyrics for the 31st time, and even opened up the possibility for some piano pieces -- which I scrapped for the show due to insufficient practice and hardware.  It's pretty exciting, especially considering we practice together only once a month -- and we cram as much as we can into one madcap weekend!  I dunno, to me this is still a lot of fun, and besides, I derive a lot of pleasure out of just flying.

A February weekend should be just as exciting as we are preparing (read: emailing each other demos) for a show in Gainesville.  More details will be posted here once all bands are confirmed.

-George Ryan