May 15, 2008

Last time we played a show, we listed a bunch of "next time" line items we promised we would do for the next show.  Last night, we were able to put some of that into practice.  We (1) cut down the setup time for the light show, (2) were able to get the rust off, (3) actually friggin' pressed RECORD on the live stream this time, and (4) turned off the lights so that the stobe lights would be more effective.

Unfortunately, (4) produced a live stream that was a bit too dark to view.  This looks like another episode of the NEXT TIMES:

  • Bring all extension cables
  • Use BRIGHTER lights next time - ixnay on the ack-blay ight-lay
  • Bring earplugs
  • Turn off the metronome and set the levels on the looper and amp, and
  • Actually do a stage sound check before doing a sound check against the board

The show turned out to be a coming-out party for Gnarly By Nature, who played with energy and happiness.  Roaring Twenties played great; they seem to be a tight-knit group.  And good to see Jon of Jon Doesn't Count again.  Hrm, we should play an acoustic show sometime, like, at a house party? WHATEVER HAPPENED TO HOUSE PARTIES?!?!

Thank you guys, I had a blast.

-George Ryan