Murphee DASH K dot com / Benefit show at 1982

June 4, 2008

So, ho-kay, tomorrow night (June 4th), we are playing at a benefit show for Conscious Alliance -- which I will broadcast starting at around 9pm Eastern Daylight Time in the ustream site here.  And with quite an interesting lineup:  The Rochevanies, then us, then Max's Birthday, and then Rubber Tramps.  We've never played in such an eclectic mix before, which is pretty cool; although, come to think of it, they're probably saying the same thing about us!  They're probably thinking, "Murphee K?!?  Who are these jerks?!?!


So I went to Grooveshark to check out both the sponsor of this show and to check out Grooveshark lite (which, as a co-worker swears by, was written in flex), and, yeah, I admit it has a nice interface.  I won't pretend to know how they got all those artists behind that shiny glass pane, but before I give them all the props in the world, I'll ask, "Guys, where's the new Mates of State album?"

MAN, I haven't even gotten to the important part!  So, ho-kay, this show will benefit Conscious Alliance, which currently needs funds for delivering natural food products to remote locations in the U.S. 

Everyone!  Gas is hella friggin' expensive, so let's help them out by telling your friends to go to this show!  And tell them this: as an extra incentive, there will be FREE COOKIES at the show courtesy of Grooveshark!  Man!  Tell 'em that for a measly 7 bucks they'd be (1) feeling good by contributing to a cause and (2) feeling good by eating some tasty, flat baked dessert!  But certainly don't mention they'd be (3) feeling good by watching us -- I mean, seriously, look at us.  :P

-George Ryan