Rigging the bubble machine

June 23, 2008

Apart from playing with two really good bands (have fun with the rest of the tour, The Menzingers and The Leftovers!), there were several things at the show worth mentioning that you may have missed if you opted to go to the two house shows that were apparently happening on the same night:

  • turning on the Magicpix mode on the camcorder (aka. "awesome mode") made the webcast a lot brighter
  • setup was much quicker, I actually timed it (yeah yeah, it's nerdy, whatevs)
  • rigging the bubble machine made it easier to turn on during the guitar solo

And we actually did all the things listed on our previous TODO list!  The result?  One of the best shows we've ever had...too bad we can't provide evidence as I've neglected to check the sound on the web stream.  Guess that goes on the next TODO list:

  • check the sound levels on the webstream while enabling Magicpix on the camcorder
  • rig the bubble machine further so that the ON button could be pressed even easier

Thanks for coming and enjoying the show everyone; we'd love to see you enjoy yourselves again.  The next opportunity for that is this Sunday at The Kickstand with touring bands Geoff and Barghetto.  And oh, it's only a $5 (donation) to get in.  BYOB!

In future news, we've gotten word that we'll be on the cover of the Student Beat!  I'm gonna grab, like, 20 copies!  From what I've seen, it looks like the headline will be, "Murphee K is back", which implies that Murphee K has gotten anywhere other than Houston, TX?!?  :0

[Update:  The Student Beat issue will be out on Monday, June 30th, not June 23rd.]

-George Ryan