On the cover and a new home page

July 6, 2008

[Update 07/12/2008]  Cover and article scans were replaced with the original jpgs!

If you happen to stroll through the UF campus this week, go pick up a copy of The Student Beat to catch a glimpse of three familiar dudes on the cover.  I wanted to link to the article, but the googles didn't turn up anything.  So I had to scan the article, but I had to cut it off coz the paper was too wide.  You can view the scan of the article here.  Here's my favorite line from the article:

After a handful of bassists and several drummers moved on, the current trio is more like Murphee K 4.6.  And it's just now being released without any bugs or glitches.

A programming joke!  Hah!

In website news, I've re-coded Murphee dash K dot com to show the latest photo and latest comic on the home page.  There were other backend upgrades like ensuring that each thumbnail image get rendered in smaller download sizes, but I won't get into that.  The main obstacle with putting the latest photo on the home page was keeping the resulting download size small, and I did that by first saving the large, original picture into a cache so that it doesn't overload flickr's servers, and then rendering that picture into a smaller picture by a small ASP.NET function, and oh look I just broke my promise of not talking about it.

-George Ryan