Six bands on Saturday, early show!

August 26, 2008

I am totally stoked about this Saturday's show coz (1) it's on the first weekend of the new school year, (2) it's after the first football game of the year, and (3) ska ska ska!  Man!!

Given the sure awesomeness of this show, we're gonna eschew with our TODO list's usual practicality.  Instead, we're gonna keep it simple:

  • Guys!  Let's, um, let's try to be awesome?
  • And, yeah, don't forget:  let's poison out the suck!
  • However, if we do suck, that's ok!  If we perform the same suckiness again two measures later, no one will notice :P

So come out come out this Saturday, August 30th at 1982 to see Royal City Riot, The Set-back, then us, Angry Banana, Chupaskabra, and The Duppies.  It's an early show so be there around 7 (bands start at 7:40).  Or, if you're out-of-towne, you can watch the live webcast at our usual page.

Bring your dancing shoes!!

-George Ryan