Ska show synopsis

September 1, 2008

First of all, to those of you who caught the show on the live webcast:  OUR BAD!!  We somehow missed the power supply for the camera, so we ended up using the backup (a low-quality webcam/mic).  This backup plus the non-3G internet connection equals:  hella shitty webcast!

We'll do better next time; I've already set in motion a way into using an EVDO card for the webcast, which I've used before as a trial run, and it turned out to be the best option possible (while also being fairly reliable).  Sure there's free wifi in 1982, but what of the times when we don't play in 1982.  WHAT THEN, INTERNETS?!?

So, ho-kay, if you saw the show through the shitty webcast, you probably missed how lively Royal City Riot were, or how awesome The Set-Back were, or how good Chupaskabra sounded, or how energetic The Duppies were.  (Angry Banana had to stay put in Louisiana coz of the hurricane.)  Every band we played with that night were sooo good, and the crowd too!  And the latter was clearly evident in how soaked in sweat the floor was afterwards.  It felt bittersweet to leave that cauldron of happiness that night, but then my aching neck was saying otherwise.

Much love to everyone who managed to catch us live; don't start a mini-riot next time, ok guys?!?!  Also:  if you have taken pictures of us, please let me know!  Or maybe you can post it on your flickr account and you can lead me to them!

-George Ryan