A Kung Fu recap

October 23, 2008

If you caught the show this past Tuesday night, thanks for coming!  I try to write these recaps relatively close after the show, typically the day after, but weeknight shows mean that I have to get up early the next morning.  So after a recovery period -- one that I think at least two of us needed -- here we are.

First, the live webcast.  After months of toying around with air cards, cell phones, and their associated data plans, it turns out that what I had already in the beginning when I first started doing this -- a network card connected to 1982's free wifi -- was best.  Any bands that want to do live webcasts from 1982 can easily do it with just an old laptop, wifi access, and at least a webcam.  Now, I could comment on other venues' "webcast potential", but dang dudes, we gotta play out in venues other than 1982 to do that!

Next, the bands.  I wanna say congrats to Paxico via Mexico for a successful first show!  (Or was it really their first show?  I'm not sure.)  My first show was at...umm, I think...oh man, on an open mic night!  And at the same venue!  Except it was still called Common Grounds, and the attendance was much MUCH less.  :'(

I also want to send some mad propers to The Kung Fu Girls -- I really enjoyed the vocal mix when I was listening at the back.  I hope they enjoy their stay here in Florida...they must be at Pembroke Pines (or beyond) as I write this.  It's rare for touring bands to go all the way to South Florida, so I wish them well.  And I finally am glad to see Sweet City Action's set.  They, are, hmm, um, how you say, quite interesting?  It's hard to pinpoint their style of music, and I mean that as a compliment.  For one thing, they play their instruments really well; I had the same feeling of amazement afterwards when I see Select Start...it must be the violins.

As for us, we'll be concentrating on new stuff and continue tightening our set.  No shows planned yet, but you can subscribe to our Shows Listings RSS feed for that.  See you all next time!

-George Ryan