Debuting something new this Wed at 1982

February 22, 2009

So, ho-kay, here's what's been up since last we talked:

We have a show this Wednesday, February 25th at 1982 w/ Bo Coker, The Crash Moderns, Say When, Shotgun Diplomacy, and Call it Conflict.  We're playing around 9 or so, so come early!  We might also live webcast this show, depending on my laptop.  So maybe.

We've been working on three new songs!  One of those ("Nasaan Ka Ba") is a new "old" song I first wrote years ago but never played out in public.  The lyrics are written entirely in Tagalog -- which I'm currently fine-tuning -- and we're gonna debut it for the show on Wednesday.

As for the other two new songs, Chris and I are working on their lyrics since their music is done.  Personally, I like how the new songs turned out as they are indicative of the direction we're going as a three piece.  The plan is to include these new songs when we record in the studio in late March.

One of my flickr pics was exhibited at the new Water exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota.  I visited it recently to make sure they weren't pulling my leg.  ;)

So, yeah, progress on different fronts.  And btw, if I mess up this Wednesday while singing that one song with the weird sounding lyrics, don't laugh, I must've forgotten the lyrics!  Then afterwards, come say hi and laugh with me, ok?!

-George Ryan