A dark and stormy Sunday night

March 22, 2009

So, ho-kay, we have a show this Sunday, March 29, with practice space neighbors Nomenclature -- cool guys whom we first met during one fateful night.

It was a dark and stormy night...erm, I mean, it was a very cold night, and we happened to have arrived at our practice space while they were already in full practice swing.  So we proceeded to set up our gear, tuned our guitars, connected all our instruments, and started producing feedback on our amps for our first song.  And as Chris, Ronnie, and I hit our first chord...


The fuse blew out.

We all went outside and it became apparent from the darkness that the entire side of the building's electricity was shorted.  This of course affected Nomenclature too.  And that is how we first met.

So this coming Sunday at ~9pm, we get the see perhaps the logical conslusion to that story when we play at 1982 with the aforementioned Nomenclature and The Butterfly Theory.  We'll try to live webcast this for our out-of-towne friends.

Now onto a totally unrelated subject...

This week I downloaded Internet Explorer 8, and it broke Murphee K dot com for a while.  (Sorta like a zapped fuse box?)  But thankfully, I was using conditional comments in choosing the correct CSS file, so fixing it was easy.  I placed the conditional comment I used to fix the bug below, but I'm not 100% sure if this is the right usage for IE8.  I do know, however, that it works:

<!--[if IE 8.000]>
 <link href="ie8only.css" rel="stylesheet">

But still, please use with caution.

-George Ryan