Playing with new toys

May 23, 2009

One of the toys I recently got is a new keyboard:  a Roland Fantom X6.  It is not a keyboard for coding.

This was similar to the keyboard that was lent to me while I was in a band in Houston.  I played both keyboard and guitar for that band and, while it was fun, it was not easy.

So now this totals five instruments (drums, 2 guitars, 1 keyboard, 1 laptop) played by three people in MPK.  Chris was able to make his synth laptop going during the last show, and over the past several weeks, we've been practicing.

The next two shows will reveal how well we've been incorporating the new toys.  Details for these two weekend shows -- Sunday, May 31 @ 1982 Bar and Friday, June 5 @ Tim and Terry's -- can be found on our shows page.  And one of them is $FREE!!

As usual, we'll try to live webcast the shows, but I don't know if Tim and Terry's have wifi.  Maybe someone can let me know?  Hope to see you online!

Photo by:  west.m

-George Ryan