Throw more House Parties!

January 29, 2003

It's been several days since our last show (more on that in a moment) and up until now I've been unable to ftp to my plaza account (which "hosts" this site).  I was afraid that they may have deemed it uncool to use my (free!) school account for this band and decided to teach me a lesson by blocking my access.  Turns out that they were making adjustments to everyone's accounts.  I could go on, but as much as I have a burning desire to bore you with the specifics, I don't.

Speaking of non-boring stuff like house parties, throw more of them!  Last Saturday's acoustic set was a bit nerve-wracking since I knew it was the first time many have seen ze Murphee K music.  Let me stress again that we are not an acoustic band.  And we DO have a drummer (Matt); he had to fulfill a last-minute obligation.

As for the set itself, I think it went well.  Sincere?  Yes.  Melodic?  Definitely.  Intense?  Hmmm...maybe -- kinda difficult to pull that one off with acoustic instruments.  Bottom line is that if you liked our acoustic set (and based what have been said to me, you did), then you would definitely like our electric set.

Funeral of an Astronaut followed our set with energy and passion.  Today Doesn't Count always puts on a good show, and they might have topped themselves this time.  At least in my book, they did.  And lastly, The Monistats closed the night with fast, fun songs -- some of which have been stuck in my head for the past couple of days.  Thank you Polly for throwing the party and for being so hospitable throughout the night.  You've made all of us feel very welcome.

Our next show is this Friday, January 31st as part of another House Party Production™.  Yes, this time electric.  As with all house parties, it's free and it's all ages.  Exact directions are still being discussed.  I'll update as soon as things become more definite.

-George Ryan