The F words

February 3, 2003

January 31st was a night of fury, fidgeting, frustration and many other equally negative though not equally utterable words that start with the letter F.  For those of you fortunate enough to not go through our unfriendly fate, feel free to fashion a feeble forbearance for the following fishy fact, if I had more forethought, I would have followed the simple rules of a drinking game I just made up:

1) If you agree to play at a house party without first confirming with the host(s), take a drink.
2) If you are taking multiple cars without ensuring that each have a cell phone or, at the very least, a beeper, take a drink.
3) If you are taking multiple cars and only one of them has access to the directions, take a drink.
4) If you assume that cops will not show up at a house party with live bands, take a drink.

Following these guidelines would not prevent the inevitable chagrin you will indubitably experience, but it would make possible that, by the end of the night, you wouldn't care.  Actually, it would be a better idea to avoid playing this drinking game altogether by ensuring that the elements for playing it does not exist.

This Sunday, Feb. 9th, will be a night devoid of F words as we will debut a couple of new songs at Krieger's.  ome and join the festivities...err the fun...err damn.

Finally, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Angel for saving the night.  And also to Kamphey for the pie.  Mmmm...

-George Ryan