Another World Circuit

March 21, 2003

There are so many things to say about last Tuesday's show that I think I'm just going to follow Matt's advice and "forget all that 'scripted' engineering crap...and just be loose and let go."  So here goes my rant:

Tuesday's show was, by far, one of my most gratifying experiences...ever.  And that includes winning the Dream Fight against Mike Tyson in Punch-Out!! without using 007 373 5963.  Libyan Hitsquad pumped us up like whoa.  SNMNMNM made us dance like whoa.  The Remedies rocked us like whoa, and it felt really good to "suit up" for them.  I've never been as proud of being part of a line-up of such caliber.  Thanks again, Moe, for letting us play.

The day after, Peter, Craig and I watched the video that James filmed from our Eddie C's performance.  Watch out for those videos on this site soon.  It will be available when we re-design this site.  Also, when we have the new layout ready (with new contents!), it will be located at our new URL.  We've been vigorously trying to set up the new domain and as soon as it's fully updated, we'll redirect you.

Stickers, buttons, t-shirts!  These are the things we are currently focused on as we prepare to go on our upcoming South by SouthEast tour:  merchandizing!  The Homeless Comp (as many have succinctly termed it) should be out in the next coming weeks so watch out for that (specifically, late April).

And speaking of our 2-week tour (May 10th-May 24th), we have a slight dilemma.  Namely, we don't have a name for it (hahah, get it?).  What should we call this tour?  Bear in mind that this is the first time we are doing this, so there are plenty of puns/witty remarks than you can shake a stick at in thinking up a name for our endeavor.  "Where no Murphee K has Gone Before" could be one.  "Murphee K: Deflowered" is another.  (Hey, I never said I was good at titling tours.)  So please post your ideas and the one we choose gets free stuff.

We are currently setting up more shows before we head off on our "Murphee K:  But Summer More Equal Than Others Tour".  (You see? I came up with three fairly legit titles without even giving it much thought...).  Check this site often or contact me for the latest developments.  Of course, the best way to keep up to date is via signing up for our mailing list.  So subscribe on that!

Lastly, I'd like to sincerely thank glypher of for helping us thus far.  We wouldn't have reached this point so quickly if it wasn't for you and your site.  I've said it once, and I'll say it again, your site is the bizomb!

-George Ryan