I see that Mary Sunshine is up

April 22, 2003

Letting this page sit for days on end, I conclude it's time for an update.  But it's not like we've been slacking; we're still busily setting up this tour.  But before I go on, I have to at least mention something about our last performance.

Thanks for everyone that came out.  Just because I'm thanking you a week after the fact doesn't mean it's less sincere -- in fact, the degree is greater, believe it or not:  the better the show, the longer it takes for our wounds to heal.  And what a show that was!  Looking back, everything going awfully wrong SHOULD have been a foregone conclusion.  I mean, look at what transpired:

1) Matt actually beat half of us in arriving to our practice space to get our equipment,
2) Peter suddenly disappeared when it was time for us to play, leaving us hanging and twirling our thumbs (he was actually getting more beer -- a act that is nothing to scoff at),
3) Due to some miscommunication I ended up short on cables, which resulted in
4) my guitar cutting off repeatedly during the set, and lastly, and most importantly,
5) Eddie C's had a beer tab for us that was seemingly endless.

Despite all of this, we survived -- but don't expect another performance like that; gyrating the mic uncontrollably on stage is not something I'm going to make a habit of...unless...well, we'll see if that happens again...

Libyan Hitsquad came on after us and put on a solid set.  I was satisfied.  But then, The Monistats capped off the show and gave us bruises all over.  Thanks a LOT, dudes!  Overall, it was a good night, making new friends, talking, flirting, getting our hopes up to unhealthy heights, putting faces to screen names, shooting pool...good stuff.  Now THESE are something that we want to make a habit of for this tour!  Thank you, Pat, for asking us to play.

We are currently trying to set up one more show before we go on tour.  Check here during the next several...umm...hours.

-George Ryan