A new post-tour news post

July 2, 2003

I didn't know exactly when it happened when it finally dawned on me that we were actually on tour.  Maybe it was during

  • my anxiety-turned-to-elation graduation,
  • the crash course sessions Peter and Nancy Mae had to endure (Matt couldn't make the trip so Peter learned how to play the drums and Nancy studied the bass lines -- each within three months),
  • the wonderful destruction of our practice warehouse after the last act whilst disregarding the importance of slumber,
  • the anticipation of meeting each other's families,
  • the camaraderie within confined spaces in the back of a 80-mile-an-hour Chevy and the capricious directions said Chevy (and mostly sleep-deprived Craig) had to careen through,
  • the undertaking of confirming/re-confirming/performing a good, nay, great show, both planned and impromptu, outside the circuit parameters in Gainesville -- all without prior knowledge and all by ourselves,

or perhaps, most likely, it was during the stress and bruises we imbibed and cultivated, respectively, from a stew containing a dash of all of the above that made the 2-week South x SouthEast tour seem like it was dreaming a white water raft ride with Kevin Bacon, mc chris style.

I think it was when we spent a night in New Orleans sleeping on a graveyard that I realized, "So this is what touring is like.  Cool!"

In our efforts to heal our wounds with a bit of irregular inactivity, we might have dissuaded some newbies trying to access this site.  So, back from the brink, we proclaim that Murphee K is on a summer hiatus.  However, this hiatus doesn't mean we're taking a break, but rather will be filled with non-show-related activities that will keep us busy during the next couple of months.  One of them is the H.O.M.E. Compilation on Signal Path Records which will come out very soon!

Until then, I want to personally thank you, the Murphee K listener/readership, for keeping up with our very young band and for making all of this worthwhile thus far.  The experience has been much greater than I would ever have conceived.  Even after so many drinks.

But so far, so good.

P.S.  Our newsletter contained a more detailed description of what transpired in our tour as well as a list of people that we have thanked personally.  If you received it, go you!  You received one of the spoils of being one of our dedicated fans.

P.P.S.  We have shirts left over from the tour!  Call or email me.

-George Ryan