Homeward Bound

August 25, 2003

Here's an itemized list of Murphee K-related news from the past three months that I've meant to mention:

  • new site design, downloaded free from owsd
  • Murphee K buttons, made and sold by Mak
  • Waltertainment's THRUST DVD, which includes clips from our Def Talent Jam X performance, a sequenced "live" version of "The Trinidad and Tobago Song", and a short post-party interview featuring myself, Craig, Peter and Mike (of Modern Day 84).  (Matt was somewhere else at the time...perhaps catering to the ladies?)

Ok, I'm packing my stuff, preparing for my 14-hour drive back to Florida.  I really missed being there with you all.

Expect some shows for the next several weeks.  So far we are confirmed for our Oct 5th show.  More to follow.

See you guys soon.

-George Ryan